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In Europe and in some areas of North America many farms are small in size and intensively cultivated by walk behind two-wheel tractors that perform many tasks.  This is why the BCS Gardening Equipment was developed and is where the equipment we sell is principally used.  The BCS two-wheeled tractors with attachments perform a variety of tasks.  These are:

Rototilling, Rotary Plowing, Cultivating and Power Composting, and Raised Bed Creation

Field Mowing with Sickle bar Mowers, Flail Mowers or Rotary Brush Mowers

Lawn Mowing and “Second Tier” Lawn Mowing

Shredding and Chipping of Debris

Light Grading and Power Sweeping

Snow Removal with Snow Thrower, Power Sweeper or Snow Blade

Hauling Materials and Harvest Crops

The BCS Equipment System is capable of performing all these tasks.  BCS performs these tasks very capably because the equipment is designed for agriculture use, not for the occasional use by one who needs the equipment only a couple of hours a year.  Likewise the equipment is more durable and long lasting than the less rugged equipment produced for the occasional user and usually sold in big box stores

All BCS tractors are all gear driven, have ball bearings supporting all transmission and wheel shafts, have a heavy-duty cone clutch and a low center of gravity.  These machines are designed and built the way an industrial machinist would design and build one for his or her own use.  The superior design and construction of BCS machines cost little more than machines intended for the same uses but that actually are designed and built for only occasional use.  BCS gives you agricultural equipment with superior performance and construction rather than home-owner equipment with compromised performance and construction.

BCS offers the performance and durability you will be pleased to use and own for many years.  Our best sales person is one of our thousands of users.






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