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At BCS Shop we sell only equipment manufactured by and for BCS S.p.A of Milan Italy where they have been building agricultural equipment for over 65 years. By specializing in BCS we can provide expertise and product support superior to locations with many home owner brands. We are gardeners too and we work with many small farms. We speak your language!


This website is to acquaint you with BCS products and our services. We recommend you carefully consider BCS when your tasks require tilling, field and brush mowing and shredding. We further recommend you locate a good dealer stocking BCS equipment in your area for equipment purchases and service. If you can't locate a satisfactory dealership, we will sell you parts, attachments and complete tractors shipped to you. All equipment will have been completely serviced and run by us prior to shipment. We also use careful shipping companies to insure your new BCS equipment will work correctly when you receive it.


We have most tractors and attachments and many 100's of parts in stock, Delivery up to 100 milers of a tractor and attachments is at no charge. Many areas of upstate New York also have free delivery for tractors and attachments as we have a small service location in Hector NY.   We allow plenty of time to discuss operation and maintenance of your new equipment at delivery.


Demonstrations are always available at our shop. An on site demonstration can be arranged within 60 miles. We are a small shop so we arrange all demonstrations by appointment.





BCS Shop

PO Box 249,      Harvard  MA, 01451

978 456-3327



This site was last updated on January 24,2008