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The BCS Shop offers full maintenance and repair service for BCS equipment. We are experienced servicers of Briggs and Stratton, Kohler and Acme engines. Repair work is none to factory specifications and procedures. We are factory authorized to perform warranty service on all BCS equipment. Please call us for and appointment. Free advice is available for you to repair it yourself. Call or email us for advice.


We stock over 500 different parts for BCS equipment, Acme and Kohler engines. We have complete parts diagrams for all BCS equipment and gasoline engines. We supply thousands of parts to repair shops and persons performing their own repair and maintenance. We are experts at getting you the correct part you need for your BCS equipment and Acme engine. Kohler and Briggs parts are also available.

To get you the correct parts we must have the serial number of your tractor or attachment. On 600, 700, and 800 series BCS two-wheeled tractors the serial number is stamped into the transmission beside the rubber boot over the clutch lever. The tractor serial number has a star at the beginning and at the end of the number. Attachment serial numbers are located on adhesive labels on the attachment. If you have questions please call or email us.

Common BCS Parts

  • cables for clutch, throttle, reverse and brakes
  • controls for clutch, reverse and safety engine shutoff
  • oil seals for BCS tractor and tiller
  • bearings and gears
  • PTO slider and slide lever
  • tine sets for all vintage BCS tillers
  • cutter bars, cutting teeth and rivets
  • mower blades
  • shredder knives and flails
  • sweeper brushes
  • snow thrower shear pins
  • owners manuals and workshop service manuals

Common Acme Engine Parts

  • Air Filter and Prefilters
  • Mufflers
  • Recoil starters
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Points, condenser and spark plug
  • Ignition coils
  • Workshop manuals

Parts are shipped everyday. Our shipping is by UPS or USPS for small items. You only pay for our low cost shipping. We do not add handling fees! Our minimum order is only $5.00. We will ship worldwide.

Special Offer for Parts Diagrams and BCS Parts and Manual Compact Disk

The BCS Shop will send you photocopies of the breakdown views of your tractor and up to four attachments for $8.00. If your tractor has an Acme engine we will supply breakdown views for the engine. The diagrams are complete and they will cover your exact model. We need the serial number of your BCS tractor and attachments to provide you the correct diagrams. See above under Parts for the location of your serial number.

If you prefer diagrams on .pdf files please call us.  We can send individual files for one tractor or one attachment by email.  If you need many files please purchase our Parts and Manual CD which has the part diagrams for all the tractors and attachments imported by BCS, owners manual, and workshop manuals for equipment built before 1994.

Owners and Workshop Manuals

If you lost your owners manual we can supply you a high quality photocopy. If your repairs are extensive we can supply high quality photocopies of workshop manuals for the BCS 200 series tractors and attachments, the BCS 715, 725, 735 and 745 tractors and attachments and for Acme 6, 8, 10 and 12hp engines used on BCS tractors. Prices vary from $6.50 for owners manuals up to $15.00 for a 128 page workshop manual. Sorry, no workshop manual is available yet for the 710, 716, 720, 730, 830 and 850 tractors. All manuals may be returned for a refund if you do not find them useful.

The BCS Shop accepts:

Personal and Company Checks, Money Orders, US Currency and



BCS Shop

PO Box 249,        Harvard  MA, 01451

978 456-3327



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