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Make Gardening and Yard Care Fun and Easy




Creates a furrow and seed bed while tilling. Adjustable or removable wings allow variable widths. All models


Aerates the soil providing better plant growth.   NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.


Provides extreme traction for steep inclines and very soft or wet soil. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.


Removes snow and removes and levels dirt. Can be used in the push or pull position. Models 722, 732, 852 853 & 948




Used as a utility cart, Hauls up to 875 pounds, has brake for safety. Models 732, 852, 853 & 948.


Breaks new ground, creates furrows for seed bed. Requires 12" tires and wheel weights. Models 852, 853 and 948


Breaks new ground, creates furrows for seed bed. Allows operator to do a 180 turn at the end of each row. Requires 12" tires and wheel weights. Models 852, 853 & 948


Converts walk behind unit into rider. Used with 30" and 38' mowers.  Models  732, 852, 853 & 948




Transports operator to additional locations. Model 718, 722, 732, 852, 853, & 948


Allows easy installation and removal of attachments. Excellent for tractors with two or more attachments. Extends attachment from tractor 2.5".All models


Moves attachments away from tractor. Used to balance the attachment with the engine. All models


Moves wheels outward for stability on hillside or rough terrain. Moves wheels out 5" total. Can be used to bolt up dual wheels All models.




Raises tiller tines off the ground for transporting. Easily installed and removed. All tillers


Adds traction to tires for soft or muddy areas or when pulling heavy attachments. All models


Adds weight to sickle bar mowers to balance the sickle bar and the engine. All non-oil bath sickle bar mowers.




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