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BCS Heavy Duty Mower and
Rotary Brush Mowers

30" Heavy Duty Mower

20" and 26" Rotary Brush Mower


Cuts heavy weeds, undergrowth and brush

Front discharge

Mulching action cuts and re-cuts


Built to Last..

The BCS 30" heavy duty mower; it's built for rough cutting fields, heavy weeds, undergrowth, and brush and built to last. The repetitive cutting action produces an excellent mulch cut, discharging it out of the front of the deck. This mower works best with models 732 11 hp and 852/853 13 hp, which are built with a differential transmission and turning brakes (on the 852/853).

The heavy duty mower glides on heavy duty side skids and is equipped with an optional front mounted roller. The oversized heavy duty lawn mower blade makes short work of the toughest jobs.  A swing blade kit is available.

The 20" and 26" rotary brush mowers are designed to work well on the smallest BCS tractors as well as the BCS 732 and 852/853 models. They use a swing-blade design, with two blades attached to a center blade holder that swings out by centrifugal force to cut or to fold back should they encounter hard objects like stumps or rocks. This adds protection to the gearbox and to the blades.

The side-to-side floating deck follows changing ground contours independently of the tractor wheels. This reduces the liklehood of scalping creating a more level cut on uneven ground

The moving height is from 1 3/4" to 4" high. The adjustable skids control the blade height. The front guard is also adjustable to allow taller vegetation to easily enter the mower.

Use this mower for controlling overgrown areas and maintain them with a lawn-type appearance with infrequent mowing. If tall weeds, grass or small saplings have overgrown the area, the rotary brush mower will cut and mulch on the spot. Use the rotary brush mower on slopes where riding tractors would tip or slide. If you mow your lawn infrequently, then this may be your lawn mower

Heavy Duty and Brush Mower Specifications

BCS Rotary Lawn Mowers

Cuts and catches grass for large areas that need a manicured cut

Can be used without catcher - right side discharge

Includes a 2 or 4 bushel grass catcher


22" and 38" Rotary Lawn Mowers

BCS' 22" and 38" finish cut lawn mowers are equipped with removable grass catchers for either grass catching or for side discharge mowing. The unique side discharge is located on top of the deck, allowing the operator to mow very close on both sides of the deck. The mowing height is controlled by the height adjustment that moves the blade up and down on the splined, spindle shaft. This allows the mower deck to remain at a constant height from the ground, giving equal lift and discharge suction at any cutting height.

Also check out the Mowing Sulky for use with Professional grade tractors.

Rotary Lawn Mower Specifications



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