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BCS Sickle Bar Mower Attachments (for BCS two-wheel tractors)

Require less power than rotary mowers

Available in six widths

Great for close work: under fences, on steep banks


Sickle Bar Mower Specifications/BCS Tractor Compatibility Guide


Width of Cut















45" w/ Oil Bath


53" w/ Oil Bath



47” Duplex w/Oil Bath( 59” available)





Height of Cut



1/2" to 2 1/2"


Height Adjustment

Adjustable Skids



Side to Side to follow terrain


Weight (attachment only)



65 lbs



78 lbs



92 lbs


45" w/oil bath

122 lbs


53" w/oil bath

147 lbs



47” Duplex w/Oil Bath

140 lbs


Cutting and Mowing Versatility:*

BCS sickle bar mowers range from 30" to 53" in width. These are attachments to BCS two-wheel walking tractors powered by 5.5hp to 13hp engines. Sickle bar mowers are used in any application that requires a heavy duty mower to cut in rough areas. These cutting applications include:

1. Cutting an overgrown field that is too high or too rough to cut with a rotary lawn mower.
2. Cutting under a fence line where the "belly mount" tractor decks cannot cut.
3. Cutting grass and brush around ponds, streams, or rivers.
4. Cutting at tree farms between the trees.
5. Cutting in rough municipal areas along roads, drainage ditches, and parks.

The sickle bar mower uses multiple cutting blades that move back and forth, slicing through rough, thick vegetation easily. The result is a sharper cut than could be given by a rotary lawn mower. Sickle bar mowers require less horsepower than a rotary mower because only the bottom of the plant is sliced off instead of cutting and recutting the tall grass in a rotary mower deck.

The oil bath sickle bar mower (45" or 53") is designed for heavy duty commercial use. This sickle bar's oscillating mechanism is encased in an oil bath. The oil chamber gives the drive components permanent lubrication for less maintenance and more continuous use.

The new Duplex sickle bar attachment features double action cutting with the top and bottom blade moving in opposite directions.  This greatly reduces vibration on the operator’s handlebars while allowing for a faster ground speed when cutting.  If you have many hours of sickle bar mowing, this attachment will reduce operator fatigue while reducing the total mowing time.  This commercial  sickle bar is driven my its own double acting drive unit running in an oil bath for long life.

NOTE:  All sickle bar attachments are supplied with a spare cutting blade at no extra charge.  We never short  change our customers!

*Some of his text was taken from BCS-America



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